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A small town on the South Shore of Massachusetts, neighboring Humarock. Marshfield is a great little town, known for its close people and friendly additude. Even though some times kids around Marshfield like to say there is nothing to do in Marshfield, they still love it and would never want to move no matter what. Marshfield is a very open town, letting you do your own thing, without bothering you. For this reason, it is home to such celebrities as Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and Steve Carell. Marshfield residents do not bother them because celebrities are seen as just normal people in Marshfield. For, in Marshfield, everyone is just seen as a normal person.
Out of town kid: Dude, you want to go sneak into Steven Tyler's yard?!!

Marshfield kid: Not really.

Out: Joe Perry?

Marshfield: Nope.

Out: Steve Carell?!

Marshfield: Dude, no. Sneak into my neighbors yard if you want, its no different.
by IloveMarshfield August 27, 2005
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A small town on the coast of the South Shore of Massachusetts. the neighboring town of Duxbury think they are better than these Marshfield townies, but they are just being up snobs. Duxbury people try to make fun of the Marshfield people but just cant, becasue they have nothing on them. Marshfield is also known for the Marshfield Fair and it's beautiful pictureque beaches. GO RAMS!!!
Duxbury kid- where you live?
Marshfield kid- Marshfield
Duxbury kid- Marshfiled?
Marshfield Kid- a.k.a. Marshvegas
Duxbury Kid- what? Deluxbury is better
Marshfield kid- w/e
by Someone December 31, 2004
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a town south of boston that I moved to last year. pretty much everyone in the town is loaded. but somehow 90% of the kids pretend to be hard ass gangsters. the other 10% are surfers. the town has no projects or ghettos so im confused as to how anyone can be a gangster. the cheapest house would go for 500,000 or more. the town has a lot to do. theres 4 beaches and loads upon loads of hot girls. the class of 2012 is now infamously known for their fight club. all the upperclassmen laugh at them because theyre all faggots and cant fight for shit. the town is cool but the ego is wack. dont move here or youll regret it. all other towns are welcome to hate or fight them.
marshfield kid: yo dipset no homo im from marshvegas bitch

brockton kid: your a fuckin pussy (proceeds to stab/punch/ and/or shoot him.
by fuck this town July 10, 2008
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The worst place to live in Missouri. A town that is full of crack-monkeys and dope-heads.
I'm tired of living in this hell, its like living in Marshfield MO!!
by Takeenata February 07, 2011
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A small town in the center of the state of Wisconsin, known to its residents, especially those in high school for having almost freaking nothing to offer. a town of approximately 18000 residents and quite possibly the redest city in the whole state (most of the adults in this city voted for george bush, and the high school students arent much better) the high school office provides approved absence forms specifically tailored for student who will be missing a week of school for deer hunting season, and the high school has an umbelievable population of wiggers who have all think they're hott shit, but they're packin nothin; and goths who have been known to make drug transactions in the hallways, other than that though, it has one of the highest pass rates on AP tests in the state and is known for turning out a ton of UW Madison students, so it has its ups and downs, the town is incredibly boring though
Kid 1: "what do you what to do tonight man?"
Kid 2: "um, lets go get drunk, theres nothing else to do in this city"
Kid 1: "yeah, marshfield is so boring, geting smashed sounds good to me"
by Jack Washington May 03, 2006
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Quite possibly the most degenerate and over-rated town on the planet. Located about 20 mins south of Boston, Marshfield unequivocally embodies all that is vile in a small town environment. Spawned of miscreants who suffer from both a sense of over-entitlement and no true moral core, this towns hellish effect goes well further. as if the town wass truely implanted by some warped 6th circle of hell dimension where garden gnomes dress like ru-paul reign supreme. The youth of this town strut around, half of them at a whole 5' even with egos twice their size. All of them broken off into their own individual hordes out to prove whom the baddest of ass is. Complete wanna be, pretty fly for white guy gangsters who have not once seen a true ghetto or slum. Drugs are pretty easy to get in any of the local Locales which for some may seem a plus. Wendy's is often considered the saving grace of this town, however even the Wendy's lacks in comparison to others of the franchise. The young of the town either feel the need to be the biggest slut or the toughest hard ass. Usually resulting in the tough hard ass looking like a fool, with his fool friends cheering him on or the knocked up club of marshfield which grows in number by the day. So in short if you are looking for a nice place to have your family and white picket fence. Go else where. As fast as your legs will take you and hope you are not pulled into this cesspool town
Teen girl 1: OMG i just found out I'm having a baby
Teen girl 2: No way! I'm having a baby too!
Teen girl 1: This is gonna be so awesome we can raise them together
Teen girl 3: Hey you guys are both having babies? Me too
Teen girl 1: OMG
Teen girl 2:OMG
Teen girl 4: Losers, if you were as cool as me you would already have one

**bell rings for third period at The Middle School in Marshfield**
by TheNakedTruth March 09, 2012
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