the flower bud of a lot of different varieties of marijuana grown in British Columbia, Canada
by Anonymous June 25, 2003
Marajawana from british columbia. It is usually better quality because rather than hydroponicsBC growers still use soil, providing a higher THCcontent and therefore a better high. It is usually quite strong to firs time tokers and people who havn't grown up in BC.
Some dude from USA (after smoking aa BC bud joint): WOAH DUDE!! this is some strong shit.
Me from BC: Fuck man, this is just shake.
by MTCaptain May 7, 2006
Marijuana grown in British Columbia, known to contain up to 30% THC by weight and widely considered to be some of the best in the world. People that have posted otherwise are probably getting ripped off because their dealer thinks that they're a know-nothing tool that deserves it (speaking to the bottom ranked definitions).
Dealer: That Florida loser called again and I told him I had some more of that BC Bud. We'll just keep selling him your homegrown for twice what it's worth.

Buddy: Sweet. What a tool. Let's get high.
by TulsaDude August 26, 2008
B.C.= British Columbia
Bud= marijuana;weed;maryjane
weed from british columbia, canada. known to be the best weed available
"yo, we blazed some of that bc bud last night, i was down right faded"
by alicia September 30, 2004
The Special Type Of Potiently Grown Pot Specifically from the Province Of British Columbia, Especially that grown on Vancouver Island/
I Just Got Some BC Bud From my sister On the Island, It Knocked me on my ass!
by VISarahH August 12, 2006
Marijuana grown in British Columbia, Canada. Is known as some of the best pot in the world and is bought for high prices in the states because of it's potency. Most people who haven't lived or grown up in BC are blown away by it's pure amazingness.
Guy - "Guys this is my cousin from BC his weed there is so good remember when we last blazed I was so baked what did we smoke like a half ounce of that BC Bud?"

Cousin - "It was a 5 chip...."
by BluntsforBreakfast June 26, 2010