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Everyone who is not willing to:
Think for, or be themselves.

Deriving from the word ‘Normal’
While normal has traditionally been considered to be a good thing to be; traditionally people have also clearly been fucktards; just look around you, we have fucked the planet that we live on, not real bright eh!!
Norms are everywhere

You don’t have to ‘dare to be different’; if you do that you are just another norm
Be whoever you are (unless you are a Bogan; way too many Bogans out there already)
Stand up for what you believe in
Dress how you want to dress
Listen to the music that you like
Don’t follow or make trends
Give a fuck by not giving a fuck
Express yourself (no, not like Madonna; like you!!)

Tuesday 06/01/2009
by Luke Warm January 06, 2009
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behaviour and shared values among a group of people
when a group of people are discussing the behaviour of someone or something they are sharing their values and thoughts
by lucie jane September 21, 2003
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used by mutants or other freaks to insult non-mutated or just normal people.
It's a norm! Get the norm!
by ned winklebeam April 15, 2010
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someone who doesnt actually belong to any particular group/label (e.g. prep,emo,punk etc)
she wasnt a prep, she wasnt a stoner, she wasnt a slut, she was a norm.
by Hêαthe® November 14, 2005
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1. A derogatory insulting word for an able-minded person (normal, non-disabled). It could be either someone gifted, regular or have an extreme high IQ.
will somebody tell this norm to leave me alone? he's messing with me and I hate it.
by manman77 August 25, 2010
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Someone who is normal, plain, boring.
You and all your friends are such norms
stupid norm leave me be
by Smythe February 28, 2003
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An estabilshed standard of behaivor maintained by society.
There are four types of Norms.

1. Formal Norms
2. Informal Norms
3. Mores (pronounced "MOR-rays")
4. Folkways
Those are watching a movie are likley to insist on the norm of being silent
by ????^_^???? July 19, 2006
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