a half-boner, getting halfway excited, softy, etc.
alex- oh my god tyler was getting a norm when i was sitting on his lap.

tyler- okay, maybe just a little bit.
by hi thier im bob March 03, 2009
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A replacement for anything you would like it to be. It may be a replacement for a swear word or even put into the sentence as a verb. There is no true definition for the word Norm.
-What the norm? -I was just norming along when this giant norm-like figure appeared out of the norms! -You scared the norm out of me, Garfield. -Get that norm out of my face. -Smells like norm in here. -Take your norms off little lady.
by kali bear &kimmy norm July 30, 2008
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a normal persomn who is imortal like me stupid norms!
Those norms worship there god and think they will live forever!
by megan June 22, 2003
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something your friend says whenever his parents are around and you say a big no-no word
Alex: "shit"
Abraham: "Norms, oof, okay"
by Hey_Abraham March 15, 2019
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A hunter. A free thinker. Always lending money to those in need and is usually never paid back. Norm will be there for you when you have nobody else. A sexual freak.
There’s Norm. I wish he would hunt me.
by Meeklee January 19, 2021
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A loud boisterous cadenced greeting, welcoming a guest to a soirée.
Someone* walks into a group of people and the group of people greet the newcomer with “Norm!”
* Especially an unknown new comer.
by RUMWALD July 27, 2019
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The name given to someone who unironicaly laughs and refrences memes after they apear on 👏 meme review👏
Jim: hey man what’s up
Bobby: oh hey norm
Jim: what? No it’s me Jim, your best friend...
Bobby: have you seen the latest meme review?
Jim: hell yeah, can’t wait to use those new memes

Bobby: oh hey norm
by Kitchen🅱️ench June 05, 2018
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