The name given to someone who unironicaly laughs and refrences memes after they apear on 👏 meme review👏
Jim: hey man what’s up
Bobby: oh hey norm
Jim: what? No it’s me Jim, your best friend...
Bobby: have you seen the latest meme review?
Jim: hell yeah, can’t wait to use those new memes

Bobby: oh hey norm
by Kitchen🅱️ench June 05, 2018
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Those asians that have no fashion sense what so ever. Often unpopular, & indecent looking.
**On rare cases some norms if "fixed" can be exceptionally cute or maybe hot.
Girl1: omg, Nick is such a Norm!
Girl2: red sweater, blue jeans too small for him, and raggedy running shoes&&his socks are showing. . .yep total Norm.
Girl3: He COULD be cute if he dressed properly.
by zDeadlyAznX February 15, 2010
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This is used to describe something that is regular, normal and expected.
You're engaged to Catherine?
Norms, I'm engaged to her
by BùodaYDF December 27, 2019
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