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A normally tall girl with sorta curly brown hair with lighter eyes are nice and really bubbly. Means "light". Most boys fall in love with her will she is completely oblivious to it because she thinks all the boys don't like her is beautiful but doesn't know it. She is loving and super nice but if you somehow mange to piss her off you are basically dead. She is really smart and likes guys that are more mature.
Person 1: Did you see that really pretty girl?
Person 2: Yeah she must be an Eleanor.
by Fangirl28 May 14, 2015
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A kind spirited, light hearted person. She is a very lovable person and treats everyone equally. She is sometimes referred to as a goody two shoes, but is ok with it. She is also smart, funny and an awesome and amazing drawer. I love Eleanor!
"Eleanor is the kindess person ever"
by chloerattler21 October 05, 2016
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An awesome human being that is so kind and adorable. They are great friends and always ‘there for you’ They make boring music activities fun and always willing to be your partner in group activities. So many great memories and made with them. They are extremely great at dancing and are very flexible.
Eleanor is so cool
by Lilstrawb February 25, 2019
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is not only the coolest looking car but the coolest looking person. It is the most awesome name a person can have. means "light". and must always be pronounced eleAnor not eleanA. Elena is a DIFFERENT name. the distinction between the 2 is very important.

can also be shortened to el, ellie, and nell.
omg isn't Eleanor cool.
by polaroid princess March 22, 2009
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Eleanor walks into a restaraunt.

as she's walking by, a man with a platter full of filled wine glasses trips.

Eleanor, quickly catches the platter and manages to get the glasses to land on the platter in a perfect way to make a beautiful form without spilling a single drop of wine, all while being able to kick the falling man into the soft booth instead of the hard floor.
by Egirl<3 movies July 05, 2012
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Eleanor's are complex characters, they portray a charismatic, socially confident and often intimidating façade, however this is simply a front and just one of their many sides. Eleanor's are charismatic but not necessarily sociable, as they enjoy time alone, as though they are compatible with many other types, few people understand an Eleanor's complex nature. Eleanor's are loved and friends with all kinds of people but possess few close friends as they find it hard to trust people, as people have hurt them in the past (so also be aware of her physical space due to her trust issues) But once you are a close friend of an Eleanor you have pretty much won the lottery as theyre the most honest, sincere, loyal, caring, and supportive friends you could ever meet. Due to the loyalty generated by an Eleanor's friends it is highly advised NOT to piss her off, as if you do her wrong once, you will have a whole army of her loyal minions to deal with. Also she is prone to anger and aggression and though she controls this well, one should not push her buttons. Many fear her, many love her, many admire her and many wish to her know her.

To be compatible with an Eleanor you must be loyal, understanding, patient, caring, loving, tolerant and persistent. Eleanor's rarely have a type appearance-wise but are incredibly influenced by ones personality; if you have the same odd humour and the thing that makes you a little bit different from the rest of the guys then you are a definite candidate.
guy: how do I get on that girl Eleanor?
me: HAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH...there is just no way
guy: what, why?
me: dude, she's too complex for you, and she will never trust you and...
guy: well I just wont give up
me: mmm yeah good luck buddy.
by brad0777777777 August 29, 2012
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Eleanors are women who will make you envy them. They tend to be tall with brunette hair and the darkest of eyes. They are beautiful but hide their beauty as they lack in confidence. Eleanor's often become future models. They are the nicest people you can meet but are shy so you will have to get to know them. They are hilarious and make the greatest friends.
"Look at that gorgeous girl!"
"It has to be an Eleanor!"
by Jessica123456678 January 22, 2014
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