A shy girl,she's a funny,stunning.gorgeous,sexy,beautiful girl who redefines the word love,very respectful and modest of her body,she's a sweet girl that's so rare and is just one of a kind,she's the type of girl that deserves the most perfect guy that will respect her and cherish her,she makes people smile without even saying anything even when your feeling down she's always the one to cheer you right up,if you have you you'd have to keep her and you wouldn't want anyone else to have her because she is perfect and she's everything a boy could ask for,there's nothing you would ever want to change about her everything about her is gorgeous,she'll make you feel like a king and will never ever let you down,she'll mean the world to you and you should never ever ever ever let her go because once she's gone you'll never find someone like her ever again.
He's so lucky he has noor,if I was him I'd never let her go
by Oneluckyperson April 18, 2017
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A really funny person , she doesn't give a fuck about what you have to say about her. She's super nice and she likes attention. She's sometimes of a hoe but that's aight cause she is deadass gorgeous
Noor is amazing
by nibba dawg December 31, 2018
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Noor is a popular Arabic name which can be used for both girls and boys, equally.

Noor means "light", or "bright".
It can also mean enlightened, beautiful, attractive, noble, illumination, wise and radiant.
It is regarded as a beautiful name with wonderful meanings.

It is a name of Arabic origin (not Hebrew, not Hindi, not Urdu etc). Noor is found in the Islamic holy book, the Quran, and is therefore an Islamic name in origin.

Nora is one variation on the name Noor, however, Nora is used for girls only, whereas Noor is for both boys and girls.
Sometimes, girls who have been named Noor are nicknamed Nora because it sounds more feminine in Arabic (even though Noor is a perfectly acceptable name for females as well).

My sister's called Noor but she when she was younger everyone called her Nora.

The diamond Koh-i-Noor means "Mountain of Light", and was one of the largest diamonds ever known.
by Urno January 5, 2008
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Noor is a very nice girl but u need to get to know her she’s very shy at first but then she’ll become so confident talking to she so funny. But sometimes she’d be rude when she finds out something about her and she didn’t like it, what makes noor special is her annoying ass she can be so annoying but surprisingly most people like it, she’s always there for u when u need her and sometimes she acts like she doesn’t care but she actually does but doesn’t wanna show it. She would do anything to help others and if people aren’t in a good mood she would try to cheer them up immediately. She’s also very forgiving even in the worst case she would forgive you. If have a friend named Noor then don’t leave her ur so luck to have her.
“ omg noor is so cool I would wanna friends with her”
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a very shy girl, can be awkward at times, but when once you get to know that girl she's very funny. Stunning, beautiful, sexy, but very modest of her body. She's a sweetheart, an amazing girl. one of a kind, very rare. she's the type of girl you wanna keep, she'll have your back, when your down, she'll bring you up. she's an angel, every inch of her is beautiful, She'll make you smile everyday, very sweet, but has that horny side. She'll make you feel like your on top of the world. She blows other girls outta the water, shes a keeper.She brings a whole new definition of love, pretty, gorgeous, stunning, shes everything a guy could want. theres nothing you'll ever want to change about her. she'll mean the world to you, never let her go.
Guy 1: "i met this girl, shes into me, she reminds me of a Noor"
Guy 2: "your so lucky"
by SSH88 June 15, 2011
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A sweet pretty girl !! Sometimes there's mood swings and doesn't like to share. Pretty and short
by THEGOAT. March 14, 2017
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To Brian, she's his Noor.
by Evakaus September 28, 2008
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