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A word used to describe someone who is too big of a n00b to even deserve being called a n00b. The technical definition of a Noobage, however, is what you get when you cross a n00b with a cabbage.
Guy 1: "That guy is completely pathetic. I'd bet he lives in his mom's basement."
Guy 2: "Yeah, bro. He's such a noobage!"
by Dr.Cabbage May 27, 2010
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Deprived from the word ownage and pwnage, noobage describes a person who tries to win at everything, but fails. (What less would you expect from a noob?)
Mike: Dude! I just beat these nerds at Halo 3!
Joe: Major Noobage!
by The_Hacker May 30, 2009
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noobication!!! beign pwnz0rd by n00bz0rz!
n00b4liz3r has nyphed ph44gg0t!!!
by s4d L4ggz0rr November 13, 2003
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