Anything on the Urban Dictionary that doesn't have a sex-based reference.
Person 1: Man, it's impossible to find something without a sex joke related to it's name on the Urban Dictionary, it's nonexistent!
by ieatcereal November 22, 2021
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Your brain, talent, and love life. Need I say more?
Did you seriously just look up "nonexistent" on Urban Dictionary? You fucking retard.
by Yopmail User August 16, 2022
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An absense of existence, a thing that has no existence
My love life is completely nonexistent.
by KnJC25 April 1, 2008
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Nonexistant: /Non•ee•ggsi•stant/
a term used to describe a Chinese government that allows its citizens to live independently.
in a nonexistent world, China wouldn't be having the problems it is now.
by sporous October 10, 2020
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not existing. seemingly not there. missing. gone. absent.
Derrick's relationship with his 16 year old brother was almost nonexistent. They barely talked and he didn't really want him interfering with his life.
by darksongbird March 21, 2009
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The person one becomes after being dumped or factored out of a relationship.
He was no longer on the list to be invited to the holiday dinner, he is a nonexistant.

A person is seen with another everyday for five years, then suddenly he is never talked about, he is a nonexistant.
by Sean Layman April 16, 2006
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The absence of existence, the absence of nothingness, and the absence of absence. It is what is not being referred-to under any circumstances. Its definition is that which cannot be referred-to, named, or defined.
The idea of absolute nonexistence contradicts itself.
by TheNothingness February 16, 2009
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