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Extremely luxurious mobile phone (called a "communication instrument"). Made by a special division of Nokia, it is made of various precious metals, and hand-wrapped in leather.

Stainless steel (cheapest): $7,800 USD
Yellow Gold: $20,000 USD
White Gold: $30,000 USD
Platinum: $40,000 USD
Pure Untreated Platinum: $700,000 USD

That Vertu costs as much as a Ferrari Enzo.
by EJL March 23, 2004
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When someone goes to the gym and spends 90% of the time on their phones scrolling through social media
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Utter nonsense.

A golden cell phone. What crap! My plastic Kyocera looks better than that for cheap. Go buy a Blackberry instead.
Boy: "Dude, what is that?"
Girl: "It's a Vertu."
Boy: "Utter Vertu!"
by Sense December 10, 2004
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Vertu is a subsidiary of Nokia that specializes in tough, luxury phones. Vertu phones are polar opposites to their mass market counterparts.

Vertu phones don't come laden with the latest features and gimmicks, in fact, they are positively antiquated when compared to a cheap 3G phone.

What Vertu concentrates on instead is building a quality instrument that lasts decades.
I use my Nokia N70 for work, but I save the Vertu Ascent for special occasions.
by giglegooglegable January 14, 2006
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