A person without any kind of love. A loveless person.
She was very loveless about her life.
by Mars124 May 2, 2019
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The last album ever released by My Bloody Valentine. Considered the group's best release and is now a classic album for all indie rock kids to listen to.
Carla was listening to Loveless while taking some ecstasy.
by tonguetied January 10, 2005
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Originally a manga series by Kouga Yun that was later made into a 12 episode anime series. It is well-known for its beautiful artwork and interesting boy/boy pairings.
Ritsuka from Loveless is the sexiest 12-year-old in existence!! *squee, squee, die*
by No Hunting Please July 5, 2005
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Artist, singer, song writer and free spirit born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Current Front man for the music project SKELETONSTAND.
Loveless was drunk when he said that.
by hatemore February 3, 2010
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someone who owns many slaves && has a fake nose.
That Loveless over there strongly dislikes africans, probably because of her artificial nose. It's unpleasant.
by CollinFaaaa February 27, 2010
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A total assclown loserdouche homofag that likes to say Poowwww all day, burp loudly, and smell his own farts.
Dude don't be a Loveless
by Dudebrah1985 February 20, 2013
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An obsession amongst teenaged lesbians.

Known for her role as Naomi in the UK tv series Skins where she played a lesbian character.
"Who's that chick all over your Tumblr?"

"Oh that's Lily Loveless".
by lilylovelessismygirl March 7, 2011
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