A word used as a “Get out of jail free card” after saying the gayest shit in humanity
“I will suck you, no homo though”
by xX_Boss_Xx February 01, 2018
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the phrase that, when uttered in conversation makes the speaker sound gayer than if he or she had not said it.
no homo but i was just jacking off to some gay porn.
by jacksonguitarist May 11, 2008
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Said after a phrase that could possibly be interpreted as gay.

Nothing says "I'm insecure about my sexuality" like feeling the need to say "no homo" after every sentence.
Man, I love you.. No homo.

Your ass is mine... No homo.
by Broneill December 09, 2010
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When someone says something gay or sounds gay. No homo is used to tell everyone that person didn't mean it that way and they are in fact, straight.
by TirdyDesticles June 02, 2010
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The legendary phrase that clarifies your sexuality, and that you are not of the homosexual gender. Even after saying something very homosexual, a simple "no homo" is all that it takes to make everyone believe that you are not in fact a homosexual.
Person 1: Bro you lookin so fine, I could kiss you right now
Person 2: Then let us proceed in the "sexual interaction"
Person 1: Yes

*After the Sexual interaction*

Person 1: That felt great, I would do that again
Person 2: Same
Person 1: No homo btw
Person 2: Yeah, no homo

*and just like that, their sexuality was restored*
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by Ya_Boi_142 February 28, 2019
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After someone says something that sounds gay(for boys),or les(for girls),when they don't mean it in a gay or les way.
Girl:No Homo,but she's pretty
by TheTruthIsMe March 01, 2011
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Phrase addended by insecure straight men to a sentence that may mildly imply homosexuality on the part of the speaker (or may be entirely innocuous) to assure themselves, a second party, and the rest of the world that they are not, in fact, homosexuals.

At all.

In any way, shape, or form.

1. "You're my best friend bro. No homo."

2. "That movie was beautiful. I almost cried. ...no homo."

3. "No homo I'm going to the no homo store no homo no homo no homo. BY THE WAY I AM NOT GAY."
by Arcanist September 04, 2010
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