The opposite sex of a man, the same as any other gender... me as a guy myself respect women a lot, some of them are obviously horrible humans, but so are some men... not all men are perverts, and not all women are innocent... I support and nourish both genders as I think when both genders cooperate, that will take our world to a better place, WE ARE EQUAL🌹 NO GENDER IS BETTER THAN THE OTHER💐💐💐💐
I treat men and WOMEN equally, WOMAN.... I couldn’t think of a proper sentence
by Ummmm....hi November 28, 2017
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a better, Blacker version of feminism
Y'all: Why do you support womanism?
Me: Because "feminism" as a movement is constantly monopolized by white women who don't acknowledge the intersectionality of race and gender when it comes to oppression, systemic or otherwise. Many of these white feminists continue to perpetuate misogynoir or carry beliefs rooted in misogynoir, so why should I trust them?
by jesusbaby212 April 2, 2017
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What you refer to about the random, out-of-nowhere, BS that never has any reason that women come up with to:

A) Ruin a relationship
B) Randomly get angry at you
C) and subsequently pissing YOU off too
1) Guy 1: "Man I'm so pissed off"

Guy 2: "Why?"

Guy 1: "My on-and-off girlfriend randomly got angry at me when I looked at her, it doesn't make any sense."

Guy 2: "Buddy, WOMANITIS doesn't make any sense,"

Guy 1: "True that."
by Invasian June 4, 2009
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a hologram cuz u never touched one. gottem
guy 1: did u ever touch a woman
guy 2: no i play video games
by ptfiletexd February 22, 2021
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A generall guy who has his way with the lady's. Usually a smooth talking guy a real charmer. A guy who's very caramastic a very laid back guy. The guy who can get a woman to take her knickers of with in a few minuets of knowing each other . Just the guy who's the go to guy, the sherif round town. A man who steals woman's virginties in the process making them into a woman
by Bigfodrob November 21, 2014
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1. The female equivalent of "The Man". An extremely high form of praise usually used to describe a girl who is highly respected and highly attractive. A female is usually referred to as "The Woman" after doing and saying things that are worthy of respect on a daily basis.
"Dude she's sick at frisbee. She's The Woman!"
by youcouldcallmetheman September 3, 2006
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