A phrase often used towards someone who states the obvious.
"There is snow outside, it must be cold"
"No shit Sherlock!"
by NowhereMan November 4, 2004
This means "obviously" but you say this if u wanna be sarcastic.
John: Hey bob, I am talking right now!

Bob: No Shit Sherlock!
by Why you even reading this? November 14, 2017
When someone says something that is very obvious
The boss tells everyone through the P.A. that David got fired

David at home: Gerald, i got fired

Gerald: No Shit Sherlock!
by pseudonym ツ October 5, 2020
A Saying That People Say When Someone States The Obvious
Person 1:Oh Crap its school tomorrow

Person 2:No Shit Sherlock
by Fragileman March 25, 2015
A snide response to someone (usually a know it all) who has made a statement that is very obvious using a sarcastic reference to Sherlock Holmes the famous literary detective.
Bert: "You shouldn't have let Miss Piggy blow you, your schlong is all chewed up"
Ernie: "No Shit Sherlock"
by Spade Newsom January 14, 2011
A phrase that Tony Stark should of said to Dr.Strange in the Marvel’s Avengers films
Dr.Strange: Thanos is here

Tony: No Shit Sherlock!
by Deadpool’s_Katanas June 15, 2020