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A phrase often used towards someone who states the obvious.
"There is snow outside, it must be cold"
"No shit Sherlock!"
by NowhereMan November 04, 2004

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A slang term used to describe when a person provocatively dances with four other people surrounding them. Such combinations include four men surrounding one woman, all females, all males, four females surrounding one man, etc.
Hi, may I join this grindbox?
by NowhereMan November 04, 2004

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a person with maad style for a sand niggar
akram saab's wrist is frost bit
by nowhereman April 06, 2003

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Two words - Howard Dean. That should be self-explanitory
by NowhereMan March 28, 2005

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When a person puts ice in their mouth and gives a man a blowjob.
I should use this ice to snowblow someone!
by NowhereMan April 17, 2004

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