Someone who believes they always have the answers, a know-it-all. Usually used to insult that person when they make a stupid insight or just repeat what has already been said. Sherlock being a reference to the literary detective sherlock Holmes.
"We should fix this tire."
"Well, if I were you I'd fix the tire."
by c. Wallace May 21, 2004
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A one of the books in the Sherlock series, in witch Sherlock has constipation and has to swallow his pride and let watson use his medicine on him
friend "have you seen the new sherlock book"

me: yeah no shit Sherlock
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used when someone states something very obvious, meaning "well obviously dumbass"
guy 1 - i skipped most of the questions on the exam, i will get a bad mark!!
guy 2 - no shit sherlock
by jiyeung March 31, 2019
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Extremely, obvious sentence, that you respond: thank you watson, or fuck you watson etc.
a) kid to dad: look that's a bird

Dad: wow... how did you know that? (Thinking to yell out loud: No shit sherlock!)
b) guy with an eyepatch: i'm half blind you know?

Guy with an eyepatch: thank you watson
by ChicksForDays July 22, 2015
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An expression, used towards stupid mofo's, who make a complete idiotic remark, which is logic or obvious as hell.
rich boy: look at me, i've got money, i have prestige, i'm capitalistic!
dude (slightly irritated): No Shit Sherlock! *hits him*
by ParaNoia April 10, 2004
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A joke to say to a friend. Based on Sherlock Holmes being clever and yo friend stating the obvvious. demonstrated below:
Dude: Hey, you've got a beard dude!

Dude 2 (rolling eyes) no shit sherlock! You are such a douchebag!

Laughter follows
by codfather December 09, 2013
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