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Nizzie is the ship name for Noah and Lizzie aka the best couple ever #nizziegoals
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by Sydney Montgomery June 09, 2018
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"Nizzee" is the substitue word for "nigga", used for clean versions of rap songs on the radio.
by Tha Gr8t 1 October 26, 2003
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Emerging rap artist Nizzie (aka Young N.Y.N.E.), has his eye on the prize when it comes to his career in the music industry. He is a lyricist that combines his love for music and unique perspective on life with thought provoking words and images. Nizzie has created his first single, “My Jam (Hey DJ)”. In 2010 "My Jam" was awarded with the Auddy Platinum Music Award. Nizzie's youtube page ( has also reached success ranging everything from freestyles, to video blogs.
Nizzie's song "My Jam" won the Auddy Platinum Award.
by Prince of the Queen City June 26, 2010
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An italian male who tries to be guido but fails. Unlike other italians, a nizzie is not tan, nor extremely good looking, or guido. He achives bulky muscles by juicing, although he will deny it. A nizzie swears that he is hot, everyone wants him, he's tan, and buff, although none of those are actually true.
EW! Look at Nizzie! He's soo pale!

There goes that Nizzie again, buying steroids.

That Nizzie is a poor excuse for an italian.
by kuhim August 23, 2005
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