Using the term "My jam" has superceded just being relevant to a specific song that is your favorite. It is relevant to any specific subject matter. It is used to describe any specific thing that you feel you enjoy more than the majority of other options in the same category.
by ShoKill March 27, 2016
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Your favorite song when you hear it you go crazy.
by LaLoka August 12, 2004
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Anything you really like or care for
That show was My Jam
This movie is My Jam
That song is My Jam
by Very Smart 1234 October 30, 2018
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It's a term for your favorite,or one of your favorite songs. It's usualy yelled out loud when someone hears his or her favorite song in the radio,disco,etc.
*What Is Love starts to play in the radio*
-Dude! That's my Jam!
*Sings along*
by Dr. Barry Love September 13, 2013
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Defined as not something I like or something that I'm into doing.
He's smoking pot, that's not my jam. She's doing drugs, that's not my jam. He's doing shots of tequila, that's not my jam.
by Frenchie Free February 23, 2018
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Something/someplace that you personally like.
Dude1: Where are you going after?
Dude2: I'm gonna make a coffee run, you know any good place around here?
Dude1: yeah, Tim Hortons; that's my jam!.
by h3donistic_hy3na May 17, 2016
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your favorite song at the moment. Or the jam that you eat.
OMG guys...guys this. Is. My JAM!! I just...just have to rance.
shh, my jam is on. SHUT UP, THIS IS MY JAM
This is my jam... no guys i'm serious, it's blueberry jam. It's awesome.
Shit, I missed my jam.
by queerunicorns April 13, 2015
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