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1.) Chemical compound N(2 subscript)O, which consists of two nitrogen atoms to one oxygen atom.

2.) Form of performance enhancer for automobiles, used to introduce extra air into cylinders by causing an chemical reaction that decomposes the N20 into Oxygen and Nitrogen. This increases pressure inside the cylinders, which ultimately results in a horsepower increase.

3.) Used in dentist's offices for numbing during oral surgeries, known as Laughing Gas.
No, it's NITROUS OXIDE, you dult, not NAWZZESSSS.
by Manawski March 04, 2003
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1: a propellant used in whipped cream canisters. (probably safer than co2)

2: sold in "whippets" or "igi" bulbs, which are Meant to be cracked into a canister full of cream, and then released whipping the cream.

3: users of the whipped cream canister often use an empty canister, release the bulb into the canister and then inhale the gas from the canister. When inhaled often a "nang" noise is heard and a strange sensation encompases the entire body, this lasts between 10seconds and 2 minutes from one bulb. This is not Physically addictive, but it is often such a good high that users become mentally addicted.
dude: Woah...
user: woah!! the sound is all chopped up.
*user laughs in euphoric bliss*
by Blue Demon March 14, 2005
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Gas with strong analgesic and weak anesthetic effects. Used in surgery and dentistry, mainly to potentiate other anesthetics. Also called "laughing gas".
When they put him under for his knee operation, they gave him halothane in nitrous oxide and oxygen.
by Marty October 22, 2003
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1) A chemical compound.

2) A chemical used to improve automobile speed and all that great whatnot.

3) A chemical used in doctors offices, to knock people out.

4) A chemical that -somehow- the hippie posers sneak a tank of onto the Lot of a show, and blow it into balloons, selling for usually five bucks a balloon.
I'm not giving examples but for this one:

4) Now, remember to sit down with your balloon. Don't want to fall and BREAK YOUR FACE.

(Ecks Dee, Hiro.)
by Leiko October 09, 2004
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Giggle gas usually used by hondas and acuras to give them an extra rocket in their ass.
He lost his colon and intestines using too much nitrous oxide trying to beat the v8 elephant fucker.
by Anonymous June 24, 2003
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Low Browed Neanderthal Type from East Jersey. Is frequently seen with Cheez-it stains around his mouth and sweat stains on the crotch of his sweatpants.

Approach with caution.
The Jersey Nitro often lives with his mother, Breastfeeding until the age of 24.
Is often seen Modding HALO
by Jersey Man-whore February 25, 2005
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the beautiful element which is used in cars to give them a extra boost of power to overcome the the slowness of their vehicles but also a gas which causes you to get a sudden urge to laugh.
I was racing against a mustang when he suddenly passed me so i whip out my nitrous oxizzle and blew him away haha!
by anonymous101 December 31, 2003
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