The next Generetion of the Nintendo's line of portable systems. It let's you play Video games in 3d, without those stupid glasses. Many People say it's just another version of the Nintendo DS, but they're wrong.

It has 2 screens, the top one is 3.5 inch and is the one that uses the 3D technology, the down one , 3.02 inch, is touch screen, but no 3D, because the touch would affect the 3D effect. You can play your original Nintendo DS Games, it has a new feature, like an analog stick called Slide Pat, a slider on the side that adjust the 3D effect. It ca play 3D movies and takes picuter in 3D using 2 0.3 megapixels cameras in the front of the handheld.

The Nintendo 3DS cartridges will hold 2GB of game data and look almost exactly the same as those of the current DS. However, there is a small tab jutting out on the one side, most likely to prevent 3DS cards from being inserted in the 1st generation DS. The Graphics can be compared with the Wii graphics.

The 3DS possesses Wi-Fi capabilities and periodically searches for Wi-Fi hotspots and other 3DSs without user input, and will be able to receive data from the Internet or other 3DSs while in sleep mode. The system supports multiplayer gameplay via a local wireless connection or over the Internet

TL:DR The thing that will kill the PSP and dance on his grave
Gamer one: hey, are you getting the Nintendo 3DS when it comes out?

Gamer two: Dude, i was at E3, i saw it, and yes, i will buy it the first day.
by Joel5656 June 20, 2010
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Will be the most epic hand held video game console until Sony or Microsoft creates another spin-off, then Nintendo will have to create an even better one.
Nintendo 3DS? Hell yeah. I'm buying THAT.
by COKEFLOAT September 15, 2010
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a game console that under 7s can't play with the 3D effect because it'll give them a headache and hurt their eyes, and will damage the sales of the console, and the fact they're releasing it after christmas on February 2011 in Japan, and March 2011 everywhere else
child under 7: mummy, can you please buy me a nintendo 3ds

mother: no, because you i can't trust you to put the 3d feature off when playing it and you will get a headache
by scb 92 October 4, 2010
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Nintendo 3DS-Place is a site created in 2011 for fans to keep up-to-date with news about the 3DS, and Wii U. Although it has a very minute community (being it has a .webs extension), it does very well in terms of views. In the month of September 2011, it had over 100,000 views, with as little as 11 members. One member was kicked out for abuse, thus leaving the site with 10 members.

However, the two creators have taken full advantage of the site, by constantly updating their database, and news section. It has it's own IRC (abbreviated form of Internet Relay Chat, a form of real-time texting alias tete-a-tete), channel, on two networks. One channel (#legitimate) has more members than the site itself sadly.

On June 27th 2011, the site was hacked by two users with faked IP's (Internet Protocols) and had taken control. However, no damage was done, and MSaki, the owner (Arbaaz-LeGiT is owner too) had installed a security system hosted by WebSurf and XRXX. The site now has it's own picture, and is giving away every single QR Code for Pokemon on their Documents page. Another app, by the name of TimeAndDate timer, was installed on the site, for the purpose of signalling users as to how long was left before the release of the 3DS. Nonetheless, subsequent to the release date, the timer kept going on, permitting the site to have the apptitude to tell users how old the 3DS was in days, hours, minutes, and seconds.
When I joined Nintendo 3DS-Place, I was amazed by what it offers, and how it distributes it's news. Simply Splendid site - Said by a member on the site.
by TULeGiT July 14, 2011
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Dumbass. Needs to upgrade to a switch because the 3DS is shit.
Person 1: Ew it's Sonia on the Nintendo 3DS, can you believe she still has one?
Person 2: Yeah why don't they upgrade to a switch already the 3DS is garbage
by Random person234 February 5, 2021
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