Turi Ip Ip Ip refers to a series of memes similar to the wenomechainsama videos where misheard, phonetically spelled lyrics from the 2014 song "Symbolism" by Electro-Light are presented in a speech bubble attached to a character. The original edit was posted to TikTok in May 2022 and inspired variants over the following weeks on TikTok and YouTube.
Turi ip ip ip
Ip ip ip tsha ik
Ip tura ip ik
Eugh eugh isha ik turisha
by Jack Ouyang June 18, 2022
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Intellectual Property-are legal property rights over creations of the mind, both artistic and commercial, and the corresponding fields of law

Something that doesn't exist on the internet apparently because rampant bootlegging
Him:i just downloaded the new coldplay album
Her: What about the groups IP
Him:fuck it thats what
by ZEUSDAGAWD February 2, 2009
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1. Internet Protocol, or Internet Protocal Address(IP Address), commonly used for various means of communication.
2. In Progress. Often used in old RTS games, such as WarCraft II.
by Jacob Griffith August 16, 2003
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A musical masterpiece with such deep lyrics, I fear I will fall to my death if I listen to them that one more time. A melody to shake the minds of great musicians and producers, such a groundbreaking song. Listen to it, it will break you mind with deepness.
Speakers: "Turi ip ip ip, ip ip ip tskha ik"
Me: "Damn. Gotdamn. So deep."
by WOODSTOCK GUY June 10, 2022
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In Person. Sick of people using the term IRL (In Real Life) when meeting someone. All my life is real including what I do online.
It was great meeting you IP.
by etupper December 2, 2011
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Irritable Personality Syndrome - like Irritable Bowel Syndrome with people.
That's definately a case of IPS
by Polaris August 9, 2004
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