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A crossbreed that is both black and Jewish. Incredibly greedy, they are known for doing anything to maximize profit with disregards to the negative impacts it may have on others. Nigglers most prominent feature is their large noses which are capable of extending from their body, usually used to fend off and compete with other nigglers, or threaten those who do not concede 100% of their company and 20 dollars to them in a deal. Nigglers can deconstruct anything and reform it into a factory of pure pain and pure profit. If let off the plantation a niggler may exponentially increase their money by stealing all wealth and, eventually, reconstructing the entire universe into a factory for profit. KKK highest Imperial Wizards can lynch nigglers in approximately 5-20ms minimizing the damage they cause, and the money they may steal.
Wow that fucker stole my kill, what a Niggler!
by KKK Highest Imperial Wizard September 01, 2017
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Originates from Nigg, Nigglus, the Latin derivation of the term "nigger." Means "a black person who enjoys practical jokes or riddles."
"Batman, I gots to ax you a question."

"Holy strawberries Batman! We're in a jam! It's The Niggler!"
by 8thPeriodDebate March 04, 2005
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A person who bitches about stupid details (and a way to get away with saying nigger)
by Manny Galitskiy January 31, 2005
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