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Short for nigga or nigger.
Used mostly for joking around with another.
shut up nigg, im trying to jackoff
by Heretickid April 02, 2006
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The quality of niggness, the rarely used root. It is an uncountable adjective. To exhibit niggness in behaviour is also known as nigging, which is used interchangeably with niggering. A nigger is anyone who exhibits niggness or derivatives thereof. The diminutive of a nigger is a niglet. The feminine is a niggress. Note: nigger can also be used as a comparative; the superlative is niggest.

A controversial matter is the question of whether or not anyone exhibiting niggness can be a nigger, regardless of the hue of their epidermis. However, most natural niggers generally agree that such niggers' niggness is of inferior stock.
To loiter is a nigg activity, anyone possessing a degree of niggness can do it. To steal things, especially rented bikes, is a nigger activity, for it takes some serious nigging. But fighting over stolen shorts while rapping about being KANGS N SHIET is among the niggest activities of them all.
by Kody Kant December 07, 2018
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short form for Nigga...
Something you call Yo close friends,or yo "Blood" or "homeboy" or "homie"

"Ay-Yo Nigg,You'z gon pass me dat Hydro or what,brah?"

"Here my nigg"
by Vymizzle May 04, 2007
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To take, steal, borrow, mooch, or inquire about as if you were black
Yo, let me nigg a pair of shorts to work out in.

I was niggin him about his girlfriend and if they had sex yet.

That asshole nigged my drank.
by The Academy 2011 January 31, 2011
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Used like dude. It is a safe alternitive to nigga that white boys can use. usualy said in a deep throaty manner.
by Kev Nice March 10, 2006
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A term used to describe an action that a nigger would do, namely stealing and/or robbing.
A:Ey man don't touch my fig newtons!
B:Den yo ass better not touch my xbox no more, else ima be forced to nigg yo ass.
A:Aight Aight man chill.
by OrianLegend November 29, 2018
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