A bar game played by men, for 2 players or more. One player takes a nickel and then flips it. Other players guess "heads" or "tails." The player who flips reveals the coin by lifting his hand with 5 fingers outstretched, representing the symbol of the game "Nickels." Players that guess correctly are eliminated, and if more than 2 players guess correctly, the nickel is given to the next player to flip. This continues until there is one player left, the loser, whose penalty is to hit on any nickel (~5 rating) at the bar. A new round is played only when the losing player has completed his assignment.

Although many have critiqued the game as derogatory or misogynistic, the spirit of the game is to simply talk to as many women as possible and to make it fun. Accordingly, it is permitted to hit on women higher and lower than a 5 rating, though it is preferable that they be as close as possible to a "nickel."
Yo Dactyl, you free tonight to run some
by Arse MacManus January 04, 2008
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A name for a girl with an abnormally large cranium.
What would you rather have? A million bucks or Yvonne's head full of nickels?
Nickels bro, for sure
Yeah me too.
by gumpysnasty February 19, 2016
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small nipples.....areola's that are the exact size of a 5 cent piece ( nickel )... buffalo nickels will also be accepted
did you see meagan's tits? They were perfect nickels
by shaggnasty1 August 28, 2009
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1. the process of licking someone's nipples

2. a step above second base
3. caressing the breasts using ones lips or tongue.
After everyone fell asleep, things got pretty hot and heavy between Sally and Chris on the couch in the corner; I heard there was even some nickeling!
by bananapeels08 August 30, 2009
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down on Fifth St. Los Angeles. Skid Row.
...and what becomes of all the little boys
who never say their prayers
well they're sleepin' like a baby
on the nickel over there. - T. Waits
by Grady Tuck July 27, 2006
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1. Five cents in United States currency
2. Five dollars worth of drugs, usually marijuana.
3. (Slang) Five hundred dollars.
4. (Slang) Five years (in prison, in the army, etc.)
1. I just spent my last nickel on a gumball.
2. I need weed, but I need rent money too; solution: buy a nickel.
3. I need a nickel to buy-in to this cardgame.
4. My boy Tre is doin' a nickel upstate for gta.
by Master Control June 17, 2005
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A 5-year prison sentence.
Yo, where's Tex and Willy?

Their doing a nickel a piece at Riker's.
by Seawrestlerakapunsiher December 02, 2005
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