Location : Central America (between Costarica and Guatemala)
Capital : Managua
Population : Not sure.

I lived in Nicaragua for an year, there are not so many place for tourists, however Monteli Mar, the biggest resort in west coast, is the best place where I've been.
People are very kind and very honest.
Not so dangerous walking on the street during the time in midnight.
Volcano and lakes are beutiful.
You should stop by Nicaragua when you trip to central america.
by Andy December 2, 2003
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1. A country in Central America where a Nutbag took control in the late 70's and again in 2006.
2. A country in Central America where Communism took a dump on and is still attempting to take further down the shit-hole.
3. A country that, if it wasn't for earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, a Nutbag, Communism and Socialism, would be a nice place to live in.
(1) Efren: "Where did that Nutbag take over again?"
Juan: "Nicaragua."
by GauchoNica January 30, 2008
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Nicaragua is a country in Central America
Nicaragua is not a continent
bush is incorrect because he said:

Nicaragua? Yes I've been there, it's a very nice continent.

nicaragua is very nice
cool people and they are very kind

you should visit nicaragua
i visited nicaragua and i beautiful and i want to come back very soon - nicaragua has many beautiful places to visit only in a month
by north1234 May 15, 2009
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COUNTRY. between Costa Rica and Honduras NOT IN AFRICA. and NO. most people there are not. ''BLACK''. The country has beautiful lakes and volcanoes, Wonderful beaches and the weather is very hot yet tropical. Around 90 to 80 Farenheit.
You can use wikipedia to check more about this great country. not CONTINENT like BUSH said.

George Bush : ''Nicaragua is a nice continent''

by MassiveFailure April 7, 2009
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A country which America brutally and mercilessly blew to pieces for having no defence and a socialist government which showed some signs of working.
'let's blast dose evil commynists'!!
by zutroy February 11, 2004
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Medication that allays nicotine cravings as well as promotes sexual vigour in males. A combination of Nicorette and Viagra
Man, quitting smoking is tough, I got no gas to go.

Dude, you need Nicaragua
by dark_triad September 10, 2008
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According to President Bush, Nicaragua is a very nice continent.
Nicaragua? Yes I've been there, it's a very nice continent.
by Blake November 12, 2002
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