Pronunciation: \ˈȯl-āz\

1. (adv.): always

2. (adv.): never

3. (trans. v., 3rd per. indic. pres.): subdues or calms
Allays I been fuckd.
by FunkyMarcus August 17, 2010
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The second-best mob in the 2021 Minecraft mob vote which people think is as bad as the phantom or glow squid. Even though it has uses in mining and farming. It can transport your items for the price of one of those items.
Allay and copper golem are friends.
by udontknowmeidontknowu November 2, 2021
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Hey lets vote for the allay, because everyone needs a hopper with the vex texture instead of useful mob that benefits builders and redstoners.
by Le potat October 21, 2021
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blond haired, blue eyed, bomshell of babe. Sometimes confused with a rare species of homeless man. Often found waring unusually large hats and glasses... EVEN in the the daytime.
"dude did u see that creepy homeless man in the park today? He was mumbling 'anus' over and over again."

"OH! no, no, no, that wasn't a a homeless man you cheeky monkey!"

"Then what was it???"

"It was an Allay you dip shit!"

"Oh! haha, totally makes sence now."

"look at my sexy facial hair! Oh man hot damn it's everywhere!"

"what the hell does that have to do with anything...bitch."
by Borus August 23, 2008
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A Horrible Mob, Selected By The Minecraft Community.
Hey Bro What Mob Did You Vote For On Minecraft Live 2021?

I Voted For The Allay

by MilkyBeVibing October 17, 2021
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She/he Laughs all the times
Cant resist no.4 and a reliable person to talk to
Anugra allay is cute
by _yee.shay June 21, 2022
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