The most awesomely awesome mother loving badass ever, very laid back and blunt but very fun to be around; winner in life.
Man, that Efren deserves a world champion of life trophy.
by EpinEfren February 7, 2011
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Efren man uses yo a lot like a lot and bro this guy guy will always try to make you feel better defend his friends bad ass guy ngl also this guy always gets the girls like always 😂 typical Mexican always ready for a party
by José Carlos Moy March 26, 2020
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A guy with skater act's and loves saying "yo" alot. he is very handsome and awesome. and also skates good
by yeezy eff March 5, 2013
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A kind soul that hides its own distance and hatred towards fellow humans. Usually likes cats.
Man that guy at the vet is an Efren, he got my cat healed and all but i think tried to re end my car last week.
by potatosia December 19, 2015
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A misspelling of Efron. Popular with the preteen females and older homosexual chubby-chasers.
Efren was at the bar trying to spit game and found himself victem of a flock of chubby chasers and teeny boppers.
by Da Mayne Bytch February 5, 2010
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Efren is prison slang (generally used into the west coast region) for long, black, erect, cock.
Yo! Imma hit up Big Bubba for some Efren when we go to the showers.

Jerry talked back to the prison guard, so he got beaten with the guards Efren.
by Jo-hoe the black piton June 7, 2016
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a mexican with a 20 incher that slept with Maria
Will : i slept with maria
Chantell : Wow! You must be an Efren
by rockkilla69 November 17, 2019
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