N-O-G-A-S: No One Gives A Shit.
Joe D.:So, last night, we were hazing like six pledges and putting his balls in a clamp and one of them said "ouch" but I was just like "You better shut up, pledge!" And then I put ketchup on his face and laughed. BlahBlahblah. Then my girlfriend came over and we ate some popcorn.
Matt:Oh...um, cool.
Me: Dude, fucking nogas.
by The disconnected dot. March 17, 2006
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A stupid Israeli name for a girl who's so good at everything you want to punch her in the head, but she too fucking good at seducing you
"Hey did you kill that Noga yet?"
"Only god can"
by SeagullGod June 02, 2018
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Acronym for 'No One Gives A Shit'. Generally used when an individual has just blurted out something completely stupid or moronic. This term has been glorified by the members of #teamtalia and class.
Everyone in the room: Nogas.
by #teamtalia January 07, 2013
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When your semi- carefully crafted toga breaks at an inopportune time.
"I was dancing when all of a sudden, NOGA!.......Not wearing any underwear may have been a bad call."
by Dusro Tull September 27, 2009
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The most beautiful and kind hearted person you'll meet. If you meet a Noga never let her go cause she is the brightest star you'll ever see and is someone who will completely exceed your expectations. A word to describe the best kind of girl. A definite keeper who will bring joy and light into your life.
Person 1: Wow this girl is so incredible

Person 2: She's a Noga
by thefaintinggoat September 27, 2018
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