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An East Coast city noted for being much, much worse than London.
Nearly every day a preppy Connecticut College student walks off the secluded New London campus and gets shot.
by DavidfromNLCT February 08, 2009
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A small town in central Wisconsin. Known for drunk fun escapades, underage women, and great fishing!
Im going to New London to get drunk, laid, and catch some Northern!
by M8830M April 06, 2012
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A town in south east Connecticut owned by wealthy white people who rent their homes to poor niggers who act like they were in a gang(ie. wangsters).
Guy 1: Did you hear about those six niggers who stabbed that white kid in New London?
Guy 2: Yeah all he was doing was walking home from his job.
Guy 1: really?! Were the fuck is the mob to lynch them when you need it.
by Angela.F.A. December 12, 2010
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Literally translated, New London means "dick suckin." However it may be used in various forms to describe any sort of gay activity pertaining to the sucking of a males penis by another male, or getting ones penis sucked by a another male.
I wanna get my New London on with him.
I wish James would give me some New London.
I am New London Proud.
by tuefel hund October 02, 2011
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