the act of talking with somone and imagining them naked at the same time
A- I saw you with that smokin' hot girl
B- yeah i was pequoting the whole time
by 6wag March 9, 2012
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A small town in central Minnesota. Pequot is most known for the world famous womens basketball player Emily Lueck. She is thought to be the best womans basketball player ever. Pequot is also known for its shitty high school where all the girls are ugly stuck-up bitches and the guys are douche bags.
person 1- where are you from?
person 2- Pequot Lakes, MN
person 1- oh, that sounds familiar.
person 2- yeah, it's Emily Lueck's home town.
person 1- oh yeah! She's the best!
person 2- yep all 2174 points of her.
by Class 2011 bitches November 22, 2011
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