Forget about what I said earlier. I was just in one of my moods
by Eliteshadow 2 April 28, 2021
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“No tell me”
No you should of listened the first time
by Smol_emo_girl February 8, 2019
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A. You can't really get it, so why should I bother?
B. A word (mis)used by those who cannot speak their mind in an articualte manner, when others don't get their point.
A. -No polar orang-outang was discovered yet...
- What about Yeti?

B. - I'm not saying I'm Batman... all I say is no one saw me and Batman in the same room at the same time.
- Well, same goes for me.
- Nevermind.
by Zamzoki September 19, 2019
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1. Something people say when your talking to them and you say pardon, or WHAT?! so many times that they get so pissed at repeating it, they lash back with NEVERMIND!!!

2. One of the most annoying words in the English language. It is said when trying to have a conversation with someone and they just decide they don't want to finish the conversation or just don't feel like telling you. Which in turn leaves you hanging, mid-way, wondering how the hell the story was gunna end! AHHHHH finish what you were saying damit!
a)Ya, and then he was like, "Hey i like men"!
b)Huh? he was like what?
a)HE was like "i like men"
b)Pardon, i didn't catch that.
b)HUH? you like men?

2. OMG, so sarah ran over to jenny's house and the door was unlocked and she went in and Matt was sitting on her couch and you should have seen...oh...nevermind.
by Jessicaaaaa March 23, 2006
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Something people say to you all the time if you're hard of hearing.
"I hooked up with your flatmate last night"
"I hooked up with your flatmate last night"
"You what with my flatmate?"
by Cristalle5 July 30, 2014
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The single most awkward word in the English language. Usually followed by an awkward silence.
(sitting on the bus, on a cafe, or the like)

Rob: You know, Tim, I like you.
Tim: Uh... hey I like you too Rob.
Rob: No, I mean, I really like you.
Tim: Ok... uh... *looking away while desperately trying to find something else to talk about*
Rob: Shouldn't we, you know...
Tim: Stop there, Rob. What exactly are you...
Rob: Wait, aren't you gay too?
Tim: No!!!
Rob: ...
Tim: ...
Rob: ...nevermind then.

*awkward silence*
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Common misspelling of never mind.

See also: alot awhile everyday
John: Did you see "Nevermind the Full Stops" last night?

Dave: You watch that, and you don't know that "never mind" is always two words?
by boffy_b April 3, 2007
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