A juvenile dismissal of another's opinion; used in an attempt to look cool while ending a conversation started by the first party, but the second party demonstrates a valid or superior argument.
1st: Damn! You weigh more than me? You getting fat!
2nd: You see, I've been working out, so I lost alot of fat but gained much more muscle. So even though I now weigh SLIGHTLY more than you, I've lost several inches and am now toned and look thinner than -
1st: Nevermind!
2nd: I have to buy smaller sizes - do you want my clothes? You can almost fit-
*cries chubby tears*

1st: Cindy is such an ugly, snobby bitch!
2nd: Yeah. I heard she shot you down.
1st: Nevermind.
2nd: I'm taking her out this weekend...
1st: I said nevermind.
*cries incel tears*

1st: Jerome is such an ass kisser - that's why he got that promotion instead of me!
I hate that guy.
2nd: Or it could be because he comes in early, stays late, never misses work, does his job well & doesn't tell managers to go fuck themselves every time they ask him to do something... like you do...?
1st: Nevermind.
2nd: I'm guessing since he's black & you're racist it's especially annoying...
*cries racist tears*
by Snappy Capricorn October 8, 2018
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(definition): you were too stupid to understand it the first time, so I give up trying to explain it.
Tim: sometimes i wonder if your parents expected you to be so gay they named you that
Jay: what? i dont get it

Tim: nevermind
by Shmidt September 2, 2012
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Expression meaning "it doesn't matter, it wasn't that important", "I'm not gonna repeat myself", "forget it" or not caring in general; and only if written can be noticed the subliminal reference to Nirvana's album.
Example 1

Speaker 1: Oh boy I'm exhausted...
Speaker 2: What?
Speaker 1: Nevermind...

Example 2

Speaker 1: I couldn't ever manage to finish the bible, I suppose is's because it insists upon itself.
Speaker 2: Because of what?
Speaker 1: Because it insists upon itself.
Speaker 2: What?
Speaker 1: It insists upon itself.
Speaker 2: What does that even mean!?
Speaker 1: Nevermind...
by AstarothGod June 15, 2007
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A girl that at first seems attractive looking but when you greet her and you see her up close shes quite ugly.
AWW gross dude thats a total nevermind!
by Mistermackenzie October 16, 2010
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You should've listened the first time.
What did you say? Nevermind
by lennylion321 May 1, 2015
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Nevermind: A girl who appears very attractive from afar, but ugly as sin's whiskers up close.
Dude, check out that chick?


Dude over there, oh, nevermind.
by SteveBuccarelli November 19, 2010
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Possibly the rudest what to say I'm not interested in your opinion and I don't care to carry on the conversation. It's a patronizing and very negative slam. It says I don't care what you think and I'll blame you either way so I'm shutting down.
K: Should I drive 3 hours to pick up a bed for my 26 year old child when I have to work? (said with aggression and negativity)
L: No, that doesn't make sense let your adult child take care of it ( said with a "what are you thinking ?" tone)
K-Nevermind (said angrily with a you're awful tone)
by CleverLee June 18, 2015
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