Used as a funny alternative to saying "Just kidding". Basically the speaker disagrees with what is being said when using this phrase. This phrase originated in Taylorsville, NC. (Home of the open 24/7 Walmart, accompanied by a Wendy's and a Bojangles). When using "Ohp nevermind", it has to be said quickly almost to the point where the pronunciation is "Ohp Nermind!".
Example 1
Hick : "Dude I didn't get an bacon on my Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger! What the fuck!"

Civil being: "Ohp nevermind!"

Example 2
Teen 1: "Dude look at that girl, she's soo fucking sexy!"

Teen 2: " Damn dude, she's pretty sexy......ohp nermind!"

Example 3
Nerd 1: " Dude we're gunna make Taylorsville famous by adding this phrase on UD"

Nerd 2: " Hell yeahh man........ohp nermind!"
by Mrs. Councillady April 7, 2011
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When you're down for most things, but let's be serious. People do some crazy shit.
So, it looks like I'm single again.
Oh no! What happened?
Well, my girlfriend got pretty drunk at the bar the other night...
She thought it'd be a good idea to test how strong our relationship was by getting into a fight with the bouncer. Too bad she didn't realize I was pretty ride or nevermind about us.
Oh, damn. What did you do?
Me? I ordered another drink and requested her an Uber.
by El Capitan Slamdance January 9, 2016
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A game played by a group of people in which the objective is to obtain a person's attention by either calling their name or using some other phrase such as 'hey or 'look at this' , then immediately say 'nevermind' with a facial expression that says "Dumbass, I just beat you at this pointless game and I am going to rub it in your face by scornfully looking at you for 1-2 seconds and then turn away while chuckling under my breath". It is important that eye contact is made between the two people who are speaking, otherwise it does not count. After scoring a successful nevermind , the game continues. One may block a nevermind by saying "what is it?" or "what?" and by simultaneously not looking at the speaker. It may be played at any time or place. There is no need to keep score.
You and your friends are hanging out in your apartment, playing video games. You and your friends also started playing the nevermind game.

You- "Hey check this thing out!"

Friend who is playing video games - (Looks at you to see what it is)

You- "Nevermind"

Friend- "Damn it!! Thats the third time today!"
by We read books and shit January 24, 2011
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The phone number you give a person who asks for your number, but doesn't have a chance.
Guy 1- Hi, my name is Jerry(followed by some cheesy pick up line), you think I could get your number and we can hook up some time?
Girl 1- Ok, sure, it's 999 nevermind.(followed by a slight head shake and chuckle.)
by lane3192 April 2, 2018
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“I can’t find my cum sock!”
“Did you look in your drawer?”
“Oh, nevermind then!”
by this username sucks May 24, 2022
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