An extreme emphasis of the word never. Also evar.
You will nevar have the tractor beam of DOOOM!!! NEVAR!!!
by Mizarc September 17, 2003
its nevar'ing outside
by la verdad January 26, 2005
An extremely accented version of "nevar"
Wanna go screw some guyz?
by Kuroneko November 13, 2003
A dark-skinned variant of the homo-sapien breed, known for slightly lower intelligence, low employment rate, highly ferocious nocturnal activity, and pungent body odor. Known to congregate in around welfare lines and public shelters. Etymology unknown.
Me: That dash-nevar is gonna get it!
You: Hey man, you don't have to be so racist!
by dashnevar May 2, 2008
a sexy girl with confidence and cool style always drawing attention with her wit and charm and great fashion sense.
tha girl is such a nevar i can never keep my eyes off her
by jorbri November 6, 2006
Never happened "usually in the last ten seconds"
nobody nevar ate an apple :/
by gtruuyt January 16, 2020