A powerful ray or beam of energy that pulls objects into the emitter; a manipulation of graviational force around a selected object.
"How did you get into that bad habit?"

"I don't know, it was like a tractor beam, sucked me right in.

Our ship was pulled into the tractor beam
by Gingerman the Bread April 18, 2008
When a person walks past a TV/computer screen and stops mid-stance to stare at whatever is on the screen, instead of continuing on to his destination. Appears to have been pulled in by the tractor beam of the screen and is unable to move or think.
I asked my son to go make his lunch for school but he passed the loungeroom on the way and Scooby Doo was on, and he was caught in the tractor beam. He was there, frozen solid, for a good ten minutes until I turned off the TV.
by littlebarefoot August 22, 2010
A person who sucks you into a stupid conversation, and you can't break away for a long period of time.
Holy crap. I was in talking with that nerd for like 3 hours about his cat. I couldn't stop him. He was such a tractor beam.
by tin trap May 8, 2010
Tractor Beams are the hairs that grow around the anus which can often capture "Klingons".
I thought I had wiped well enough but judging by the streaks my Tractor Beams picked up a few klingons.
by Dirty Glenn January 24, 2017