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Another spelling of the word 'Pie'
omg t3h pai
by Kuroneko August 09, 2003
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A mechanized warfare mod for Half-life 2
"Dude! You wanna go play WG2200 and go pwn some nubz?"
by Kuroneko July 19, 2003
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(Abreviation) Fair Enough
by Kuroneko April 07, 2003
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Want the real definition? See KKK!
Ummmmm...no comment.
by KuroNeko December 04, 2003
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A number sequence typed into calculators or other digital devices by immature junior high students to display a naughty yet juvenile message. The message, when flipped upside down, clearly reads, "BOOBLESS."

See also 7734206
Bobby: "Hey, look at this!"
Johnny: "What?"
Bobby: "This describes our stupid teacher... ::types into calculator, holds it up to Johnny::
...she's BOOBLESS!!!"
by kuroneko August 21, 2003
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An extremely accented version of "nevar"
Wanna go screw some guyz?
by Kuroneko November 13, 2003
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A combat weapon in Natural-Selection used to heat up aliens to very high tempatures to annoy them.
Marine: DIE ONOS!!!111
Onos: Stop that. *chomp*
by Kuroneko September 21, 2003
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