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When one experiences subsequent events of nerdiness, fandom, or geekiness that causes a sensory overload, loss of bodily functions, and a climax deep within the brain, in the section that recognizes specific information concerning comic books, occult television shows, video games, or electronics that only a specific section of the population would actually know about.
Oh my God! The secret scene at the end of Iron Man gave me a total nerdgasm!
by Zack T. May 09, 2008
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Derives from the word orgasm.

When someone has experienced just too much nerdiness at one time, they are saidto have a nerdgasm. The person usually goes into a state of shock and can't speak for up to 1 hour. Never distured a someone who as recently nerdgasmed because the person is prone to just spurt out random nerdy things that regular people could never comprehend.
Person one: Dude, the PS3 is going to use blu-ray discs, imagine the texture file quality!!!

Person two:*nergasm*!!!
by Andrew Kuehler December 25, 2004
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A nerd's sensory overload caused by the introduction of said nerd to the latest technology or fandom.
Nerd1: Hey, did you hear about ATI's new Radeon card? It blows my b0x0rs off!
Nerd2: Oooh that sounds sexy. *nerdgasm*
by Mr. Pants May 18, 2004
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Have been shown to occur during: lectures over human variation; lectures over cranial morphometrics; study sessions; book readings; debates or discussions over philosophy, literature, evolution, books, research, experiments, thesis, dissertations, etc.; library activities; the act of being big spoon to a freshly printed warm article.

Have been shown to occur (yet, are not limited to) if and when: bow ties are present; guys are reading book; a discussion about literature and schizophrenia become an act of foreplay; the smell of old books is in the air; glasses are worn by an individual; a great bookstore is found; one of your ten lifetime academic boners occurs.
Checkout that professor wearing the bow tie. And back to my problem about the lecture on evolution and human variation, religion is not negatively correlated with rationality. Furthermore, in regards to the lecture over cranial morphometrics, the increased scientific validity and reliability that would result from the methodological standardization proposed for the analysis of cranial morphometrics to estimate ancestry is brilliant. Oh my goodness, checkout the guy reading a book. My apologies, I may have just had multiple nerdgasms.
by BoneLady March 29, 2010
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silimlar to a joygasm, but this is when an orgasm is caused by some overly nerdly stimulant.
this year's Star Trek convention was a complete nerdgasm!!
by juice l. bee April 30, 2005
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The term defining the serious over excitement and sometimes occasional heat flashes felt by nerds at high points in their lifes.
I.E. obtaining a top of the line graphics card may lead to a serious nerdgasm, as could very anticipated games.
by Patrick Barnhardt February 15, 2009
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the result of the excitement of one's nerdy or geeky tendencies. Usually when someone gets excited about some new game, technology or tech-device. Having a nerdgasm can sometimes result in fainting.
OMG! Half-Life 2 is gonna pwn! *NERDGASM* *FAINTS*
by Glutnix September 04, 2003
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