When one experiences subsequent events of nerdiness, fandom, or geekiness that causes a sensory overload, loss of bodily functions, and a climax deep within the brain, in the section that recognizes specific information concerning comic books, occult television shows, video games, or electronics that only a specific section of the population would actually know about.
Oh my God! The secret scene at the end of Iron Man gave me a total nerdgasm!
by Zack T. May 9, 2008
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Ming-Na Wen's profile picture on Twitter @MingNa is the definition of Nerdgasm.
by klmccoy333 January 28, 2015
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Elon Musk appearing on Rick & Morty.
Humphrey had a huge nerdgasm when Elon Musk appeared in Rick & Morty.
by BlackMayo May 22, 2019
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A nerdgasm is a sudden, euphoric, blissful feeling brought on by mention or example of a deep abiding knowledge of all things nerd. Nerdgasms can be felt by any and all people with an honest and sincere interest in science fiction, sci-fi/fantasy, and heroic, writings, teachings, cinema, and television. Nerdgasms have also been known to occur in the act or conception of roleplaying, collectible card games, and eletronic games. Finally the last known cause of nerdgasms is the collection or viewing of rare or otherwise hard to find nerd memorabilia. Note: nerdgasms and nerds are not to be confused with geekgasms and geeks.
Nerd 1: Did you hear about that guy who found the Ariel Ambulance from Firefly in a junkyard and totally restored it?
Nerd 2: Seriously? Full on Nerdgasm!
Nerd 1: Nerdgasm? What's that?
Nerd 2: You kiddin me, it's like cumming inside your brain.
Nerd 1: Oh...yeah I've been there.
by TheGorramEvilOverlords November 15, 2010
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When someone gets excessively excited over something totally nerdy.
I'm having an absolute nerdgasm over the trailers for the new Star Trek movie!
by prairiemom January 24, 2010
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The term defining the serious over excitement and sometimes occasional heat flashes felt by nerds at high points in their lifes.
I.E. obtaining a top of the line graphics card may lead to a serious nerdgasm, as could very anticipated games.
by Patrick Barnhardt February 15, 2009
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A moment of intense orgasm-like excitement shared by two nerds over a topic they're both familiar with.
Jimmy had a nerdgasm when Denice mentioned the paradox of infinite sets.
by Foohtube November 5, 2010
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