What happens when you love your guy (or girl) friend to death, but he (or she) drives you completely insane with their quality of nerd.

Also used when talking about him(or her) amongst your other friends.
I was thinking, "Dude, your the best and kindest person in the world, but you drive me completely insane with your nerdiness!!!"
by theundercoverbookworm June 27, 2011
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in the act of being a nerd
carrying out nerd-like behaviour
being nerdy
you were busy nerdying
by anniechaos December 30, 2009
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Term used for people or persons who are into books, computers, ect. and are unbeleivably attractive.

The new sexy
Emily is incredibly nerdy in the library.
by Mikey FNA October 16, 2007
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One who is a nerd but is also extremely desirable in good looks and or personality.
Girl one - isn't he kind of a nerd though?
Girl two - I'd say he's Nerdiful.
by EMnLIL April 24, 2016
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Something beyond the normal geekiness or nerdiness which needs to be emphasized with further word length (i.e. "nerdy" is too short for something so geeky). Can also be used in "geekie".
"That was so nerdie that I'm spelling it with an "ie" at the end, so there!!!!"
by Bob Smoot February 10, 2008
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Having interests that aren't socially applicable or common.
Liking super heroes &/or dragons isn't nerdy, it's as mainstream as playing video games.
by Lxver Bxy May 21, 2020
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