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verb. To correct improper grammar, pronunciation and/or punctuation. A reference to William Safire, lexicologist for the New York Times Magazine.
Herb: How is term paper-grading coming along in your class this semester?
Craig: Dude, I had to Safire so many semicolons, it was atrocious.

Janet: And I was all: "Are you for real?" And he was like: "Totally."
Crissy: Don't you mean; "I asked: 'are you for real?', and he replied: 'totally'"?
Janet: Actually, it is functionally correct to use "all" and "like" in the quotative, especially when engaged in colloquial conversation.
Crissy: Well I'll be Safired.
by Ryan Alexander Diduck January 01, 2008
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The gamer girl. Friends with the guys and the coolest chick around. Naughty underneath.
Safire beat me last night so I owed her some tongue.
by Chokeabitch123456 December 20, 2016
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