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A genre-transcending band one must actually hear to fully appreciate. Like a runaway train engineered by ragtag poets overfond of spinning literary anachronisms into exultant ballads.
Pure joy.
Have you heard of The Decemberists?
Their music makes my nipples hard.
They are that good.
by Dovetchka December 23, 2005
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An female of decidedly overwrought, emo or gothic tendancies.

Refers to the tragic heroine of Shakespearian fame who commited suicide due to her unrequited love for Hamlet.
Since he dumped her she's been shut up in her room listening to The Smiths all day. She's such an Ophelia.
by Dovetchka December 23, 2005
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proper n. An excellent television series adapted from the works of canadian novelist Lucy Maud Montgomery (of Anne of Green Gables fame). Expertly produced by Kevin Sullivan, Avonlea follows the lives of turn-of-the-century famillies living on beautiful Prince Edward Island, or PEI.

The series stands out for its beautiful scenery and sets, authentic costumes, well-devised plotlines, excellent acting and evocative themes. The overall quality of the production brings to mind Merchant/Ivory costume dramas.

Most Americans familliar with the series watched it on The Disney Channel, which used to carry it weekly. It should also be noted that this is the show on which actress Sarah Polley (Dawn of the Dead remake, Go!) played her first important role, as the impetuous Sarah Stanley.

Unfortunately, this beautiful drama has faded into obsqureity, now remembered only by die-hard Green Gables fans.
Avonlea was probably the best period drama ever produced, rivaling even Little House on The Prarie, and I hereby record its greatness for posterity's sake.
by Dovetchka December 25, 2005
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A derogatory pun for FOX News, the 24 hour cable network which ushered in the age of shouting head pseudo-journalism.

See also faux
FAUX News: We Distort, You Comply
by Dovetchka December 24, 2005
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Kind of like being punk'd, only by a bunch of humorless rich white old guys with some kind of sinister geopolitical master plan.

Term reffers to the Machiavellian bait-and-switch game played by the Bush neocons whereby the 9/11 attacks were linked to Iraq.

The term 'Pearl Harbored' itself alludes to a comment made by the neocon think-tank PNAC in their manifesto 'Rebuilding America's Defenses', which suggests that nothing less than "A new Pearl Harbor" would be nessecary to garner support for any further actions in Iraq.

This was written well before the tragic events of 9/11.

Author's note: I'm not accusing the Bush administration of actually carrying out 9/11 to establish a pretext for war that the public would support. I merely think this is a very chilling coincidence.
"The PNAC website should be required reading for all Americans who supported the war, so they can learn how they got totally Pearl Harbored"

"Duuude, you still think things are going great in Iraq?
You got totally Pearl Harbored by those PNAC fuckers"
by Dovetchka December 24, 2005
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proper n. A professional comic and media gadfly. An all-around kickass dame of ingenious, rapid-fire wit. Reknowned for having the nerve to mock celebrities and slaughter all the sacred cows of mainstream pop culture. Brassy, sassy, classy and sarcassy.
Mandy: Kathy Griffin is the shizznit.
by Dovetchka December 25, 2005
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n. or adj An annoying female, usually a member of the species prepis generalis. Characterized by their piercing, high-pitched giggling. These squeaky vocalizations are usually made in the presence of males to serve as a not-so-subtle mating display designed to entice the most primitive, devolved specimens, such as the jock.

The hee hee girl is a highly flighty, social creature that tends to travel in packs, or gaggles. Their habitat of choice will be the shopping mall, high school hallway, nightclub or other socially-charged environment. They tend to adorn themselves with rather dull yet rarified plumage with prominant brand markings, which they procure at great cost. This showy display of disposable wealth serves as a symbol of status based on the very banal and superficial standards of their kind.

Because she has adapted to wasting all her energy on the cultivation of her outward appearance with little time devoted to the inner life of the mind, the hee hee girl is among the least intelligent and most simplistic of all the human organisms, and should generally be avoided.

alternate spelling/prnounciation: tee hee girl
hee-hee girl: omg, Chandra, I sooo love that cardigan you got at Abercrombie and Fitch. That's hot! Heehee!
astute passerby: Heads up, there's a gaggle of hee-hee girls at twelve o'clock.
by Dovetchka December 27, 2005
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