A nice guy who loves a good joke, isn't disrespectful to others, hates bad words, and has millions of friends. Traditionally an actor/writer/dreamer with brownish red hair. Fun to be around, sometimes annoying but often quite awesome. Trust worthy but can't keep a secret.
Neil is awesome, I can trust him with anything and I would hate to lose our friendship!
by JuicyMcJuice May 24, 2011
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lots of friends
pretty good at sports
extremely loyal to his girlfreind and his friends
all the girls want him but he is too modest to except it
gets all the pretty girls
see patrick
girl #1: who is that guy?
girl #2: thats neil he so hot right?
girl #1: yea but he already has a girlfriend
girl #2: thats not suprising look at him
by whitelatinosoccermofo November 29, 2010
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A Neil is a person who is liked by an Ashley. And he is supa hot.
Ashley: " Look at him, Oh he is super cute, and sweet!"
Julia: " Yeah, that is cause he is a Neil."
by MeLlamoDePio December 13, 2017
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Absolute messy cunt, apparently loves threesomes, coke and a cheeky digit in his arse.
I would love a relationship like neil and Kaitlin!
via giphy
by Hotchick1010101 June 18, 2017
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Charismatic guy- looks an awful lot like a young Will Ferrell. Smart, funny and kind. Has a tendancy to chat incessantly about random bits of information. His only downfall is his love for Glenn Beck. There is an urban legend going around that Neils are prone to be menstruated on at social events without their willingness.
smart funny kind charismatic Ferrell Beck menstruation Neil
by charmed*one January 07, 2010
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