I'm the guy that always gets dumped tbh..
by Cap_mike March 4, 2018
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Tbh stands for “to be honest”. The word is most commonly used in texting and social media among kids and teens. In texting, whenever someone would give their honest opinion on something, they would say tbh as a short way to say to be honest. In social media however, it’s used when a follower tells an account owner to explain to them what they think of them, how they feel about them, etc. But it must be all 100% honest, whether it’s good or bad. So a tbh in social media is just giving your honest opinion to someone about them.
Tbh I hated that gift Linda got me.

Tbh I think that girl is mean.
Anyone want a tbh?
Who wants a tbh from me?
by 💞💖🤪 December 1, 2018
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Acronym for To Be Honest, used by basically everyone
Person: I love Taylor Swifts new song!
Person #2: Tbh I really don't... At all
by Grace Stiles June 12, 2015
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Gay Person 1: I'm sad.
Gay Person 2: It's ok, just TBH.
Gay Person 1: What?
Gay Person 2: Touch Big Homosexuals.
Gay Person 1: Thanks man, you're the best!
by iliketouchingbighomosexuals April 14, 2013
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