Formerly Lummox #1. The only Lummox known to have had negative points. He was therefore booted from the Lummox and is referred to as negative one.
Negative one lost so may points he was booted out.
by N/A December 20, 2003
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Being turned off extremely that it goes into the negatives.

Example: You worked so hard to get close to doing the thing but then you don’t, so you’re negative-one’d. You also tend to get really angry and sad after this happened because you can’t quite put the words together to express what you feel about what happens as the negative-oner also tries so hard to make it seem like they don’t get your hints.
I can’t believe this! I go negative-oned so bad!”
by yesamredi November 11, 2021
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When a girl hasn't gone through puberty and has no boobs. They look so flat that it looks like they go into her body.
I was in the mall the other day and saw this ugly negative one chick.
by SPWalle August 29, 2010
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one who jizzes in their pants at anything like in the lonely island video.
A breeze flew in and I jizzed in my pants. That is a negative one pump chump move.
by Thisgirlruns August 12, 2012
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When it never rains because you live in a dumb state who decided that rain was against it's religion.
Guy One: "It rains all the time here!"
Guy Two: "Really? It's negative one million inches of rain up in this bitch."
Guy One: "Where do you live?"
Guy Two: "Minnesota."
by k-moneyyyy October 8, 2012
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When you are looking at the most hilarious posting on the Internet, and there is a rate section, and most are thumbs up and one thumb down...Unfortunately.
That One Negative Asshole has to try and spoil everything. sigh. Can't they get a grip on life, and piss their pants every once in a while?
by Abraham's Adversary December 4, 2016
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