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An oxymoron. Just like so called "Centrists", Internationalists or "Humanists". And other political pseudo-intellectuals.

Libertarians actually closeted Communists; but try to make it look like they are in-between, they believe in almost the same social dogma as Marxism; only difference is Communism equals strong government. Libertarians may believe in tolerance of homosexuals, feminism and Muslims. All this is funny; because lots of them claim to be Agnostics - and do not realize Islam is totalitarian institution; plus ... Muslims, just like Christians hate/despise homosexuals in the first place.

(Also American Constitution was NOT Libertarian. It was an advocation of Tribalism & an Agrarian state. (anti-Western world.)

Libertarianism is form of subtle Marxism in disguise as small government. Someone here said they were a former Republican who became Libertarian after they fully understood the Constitution ... As a professional I really had to laugh because the only thing that Libertarianism ideology & American Constitution advocated was small to almost no government ... They (founding fathers) never said anything i.e. about homosexuality, feminism, or practicing Islam & etc. (You could say "well, back in the 1700s these times were different." By this logic; that would be assuming the founding fathers also advocated pedophilia or murder ... And I don't think they did.)

(Libertarians are Marxists because they believe in the state. That's why it's an oxymoron.)
Libertarians do not realize it is human nature to have flaws or want to be above others. (It's just our minds.) If there was ever utopia things like jealousy, guilt, fear, embarrassment, pain, pleasure, anger, sadness, happiness & other natural emotions would no longer exist. (because everyone would be too comfortable & satisfied. Which is exact opposite of pure human nature/natural selection.)

(Some people- especially Ayn Rand, see Nietzsche as an influence to their philosophy. (especially Capitalism) Funny; because Nietzsche was NOT in anyway Libertarian. He was also NOT Nazi or Communist; as he believed in total abolition of the state. (He was very much against Democracy/Western civilization; and was for a Natural state/Agrarian, much like founding fathers of the USA.)

(Side note- Nietzsche would abhor Capitalism & see it as a form of life-denial & completely against his philosophy of self-mastery.)

(Nietzsche wasn't Nihilist. He was an Agnostic, or perspectivist. He could not use the word Agnostic because it wasn't defined yet in late 1800s & another philosopher came up with the term. ("Agnosticism") Nietzsche just called his"perspectivism". )

Libertarianism cant work; and will only lead to weakened structure (everyone is "equal" which will turn into disorder/chaos because of greedy humans) It is a laughable philosophy and will only backfire like communism)

It should also be noted that the founding fathers did not want Political parties whatsoever.
by Abraham's Adversary November 04, 2017
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The only "rapper" that makes grindcore band Anal Cunt look like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
There's just no substance in Lil Xan's music; Xanax made him braindead. Total Xanarchy is listening to a young boy rapping with brain damage. true story
by Abraham's Adversary October 21, 2018
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An insulting slang term used to patronize and demean an arrogant, proud (usually) young man; who thinks he's got it all figured out (in life) but is only out to make himself look good and stroke his ego.
The Polish guy Pawel is such a little boy. He sets up situations and does things that try to make himself look like a hero to win over girls. But he's just a twerp and a cuck and a bully trying to boost his ego to naive females. get over yourself, little boy.

No wonder he can never get laid and almost ends up in jail.
by Abraham's Adversary March 15, 2018
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When a collective group, organization or industry of people began to tire of each other and resort to savage and violent acts; and are pushed over the edge; and begin to protest and break-up the very foundations that once kept them together.

Losing the glue is basically when pure human nature begins to take it's course: Pushed over the edge. When the strings are loosened, etc. (Anarchy, Hate and Disorder usually occurs; when this happens. Dog-eat-dog, cut-throat competition.)
The Balkan wars and the break-up of Yugoslavia were a good example of a nation that lost the glue.

All of the murders committed in the 1980's USA were by bitter, disillusioned middle class workers who lost the glue.

The Bloods and Crips formed Black street gangs, because in the 1960s; they were repressed and lost the glue.

In the Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton 2016 election; America almost Lost the glue.

America and Russian relations have become close to losing the glue.
by Abraham's Adversary November 02, 2018
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A field of study of numbers and logic that is illogical. Mathematics contradicts itself. Yes, it does. Ain't it weird? It is seen as a study that is practical; but is actually impractical, considering it is a paradox.

Pythagoras was wrong when he said that Mathematics is an absolute. Mathematics is not an absolute - because only human beings use and recognize Mathematics. Mathematics is an abstract concept or explanation for a HAPPENING in the universe. It is not a universal law; either. It is only just a clever illusion. A language and pattern of logic invented by human beings. (that only seems to make sense - because WE invented it; to make sense of the external universe.)

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was good in discrediting the Greeks; and making them look pretty stupid. Mathematics is only an illusion. It is not an absolute; but more of an accusation or of something that is apparent. It explains how objects work or go together. (Kind of like in languages where Indo-European grammar syntax is Nominative-Accusative; while the Basque language grammar syntax is Ergative-Absolutive.)

(When you think about it; Mathematics is just as logical as Music is. Monkeys/Apes can be taught to play instruments, but they do not understand music. They are only doing what they are told by humans, so they get rewarded with a treat.)
There are plenty of easy logical explanations for Mathematics contradicting itself. Observe in nature:

While Mathematics may apply to the Universe; it does not apply to Biology, organisms or life-forms. Only inanimate objects or abstract concepts. Strange huh? This is the logical problem of Mathematics. (at least; the Western version of it.)

For example: 1+1=1 most the time; when two humans have children. Sometimes it will equal triplets (3 children) and so on. And one can easily see the examples in Cats and Dogs or even Chicken/Ducks and other animals; who usually have a litter of descendants.

(And, why can't other animals do Math? They can only be taught it by humans; or learn from experience/instinct. Just like music instrument.)

So, I ask you, reader - if Mathematics is logical; does that mean that Life/Biology is illogical? Or is it the other way around? (That is the question. Just like "What came first - the chicken or the egg?") If Mathematics is only illusion and not absolute; this means that Pythagoras was wrong. ) In contrast; this would possibly explain that Zeno of Elea was actually right.)

Mathematics is always 99.9% There is no such thing as 100%. (this is why like in DNA paternity tests; the father will always come out as 99.9999999999% etc. in relation to a baby, and never 100%)
by Abraham's Adversary December 10, 2017
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the best fucking band ever. im a cajun from Louisiana state but this band FUCKING GETS IT!! they may be british but they were the evilest, most cynical and realist metal band than even Black Sabbath. only pussies listen to black sabbath. real men listen to Jethro Tull. (a band with obvious intellectual ability, and very politically incorrect and street smart. what other band could write a song dedicated to a pedophile named aqualung, all the way back in 1971? absolutely brilliant people.)
Jethro Tull, hmn where to start? they're certainly more preferable than black sabbath. and they have a kickass flute player who knows what he is doing. and they talk about the degeneracy of post-ww2 western civlisation.
by Abraham's Adversary January 15, 2019
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To be crazy and stupid. At the same time.
Catholics are kookoodumdum. Muslims and Scientologists are, too.
by Abraham's Adversary February 10, 2018
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