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a. A fucking cool chick, chilled, down to earth, an original.
b. prone to fits of extreme brain damage, including, but not limited to, forgetfulness, lapses in reason, easily distracted.
c. forever against ingestion of and abuse of animals.
d. forever in seek of wtf is wrong with humankind
a. oh, really? Neeli?
b. Holy fuck you totally pulled a Neeli!
by Clarinetta April 22, 2010
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Usually a female or male marine who is a more or less a flirt or whore.

Gives many people undivided attention.

Loves attention but is shy
uses their good looks or mannerism's for self satisfaction and promotion.
Neeled, Neeling, or nelt used in the act before during or after of neelis.
Dude you just got neelis !

I cant believe they are falling for neelis, that is the oldest game in the book

That person is totally neeling.

They only got that promotion because they neeled the boss.
by I know what you did :P January 17, 2012
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