To needle is to perform the act of sticking a needle down your own penis. Men do this for pleasure. Some men using utensils other than needles, ranging from paperclips, to knives, to even toothpicks. Toothpicks are not advised however, because some splinters can break off inside the urethra and cause intense pain.
Cleff:"Hey, do you wanna have a Needle Circle today?"
Jebediah:"Hell yeah! I got this new bomb ass needling pencil I wanna try out!"
by DirtyGoolash May 21, 2010
When one with a needle dick gets completely out of control. Completely out of line. Needling to the extreme.
by Dennmoney February 17, 2011
They can give you 25 to life, or they can give you the needle.
by February 22, 2017
1. Being strung out/high on heroine.
2. Having a tattoo.
That junkie's always needled.

That guy's needled with a sick tattoo.
by Jaynik November 9, 2007
Aggression between two people or teams, particularly in sport.
There's always needle when Manchester United play Leeds.
by ScouseJim January 31, 2006
A really small penis. Usually really wrinkled.
Sam was showing off his needle in the showers, what a prick.
by Tspoon December 2, 2005