Driving an automobile, motorcycle or any other vehicle equipped with a speedometer, and driving at a rate of speed faster than the top speed that the vehicle's speedometer can read. The pointer or "needle" will either dissapear below the gauge or rest on the pin just below the highest increment on the speedometer.
Last week I tried to bury the needle on my Corvette and I succeeded. It has a 160 MPH speedometer, so I know I was going 161 Plus.
by CJames2K September 1, 2011
steroids or some type of performance enhancing drug by needle
Michael: hey man, how did you get so quick?
Tony: oh yeah, im on that needle juice now and its been helping out
by Mr. go getta August 22, 2008
Self-described as the 'internet's busiest music nerd,' The Needle Drop (aka Anthony Fantano) is a music reviewer as well as 'public radio host, music enthusiast, internet fan, bass player, exercise addict, and vegan.'He usually reviews music of the independent persuasion, although he occasionally reviews major label bands as well.

His reviews can be found on his youtube channel, youtube.com/user/theneedledrop or his official website, theneedledrop.com
What?! The needle drop gave Panda Bear's Tomboy a 5/10?!
by chocolate_girl August 5, 2011
a dick that is child-sized ,but on a man!
Shane has a needle dick.
by meee November 30, 2003