Mezala ~ a human GPS who we love and appreciate.
You call Mezala when playing the game GeoGuesser. He is the navigation expert.
by movenflow August 25, 2021
A fullsize luxury SUV made by Ford, under the luxury brand, Lincoln. It is built on the Ford Expedition chasis, and competes with the Cadillac Escalade, and the Infiniti QX56.

Lincoln has recently introduced the Navigator L, L implying it's longer wheelbase. The Navigator L competes with the Cadillac Escalade ESV.
Check out Brad's new Navigator, that thing is LUX!
by db_techno May 13, 2008
A luxury SUV, manufactured by Lincoln (a subsidiary of Ford), marketed towards wealthy house wives, inter-city youth, drug dealers, and mafia members. It was purposely designed to compete with the Cadillac Escalade. Next year's new "M.D." (Mafia/Drug Dealer) model features larger windows allowing passengers to fire an Uzi 9mm or HK MP5 in complete comfort and special new materials which allow blood, heroin, and cocaine to be easily wiped off the seats. Best of all, ten kilos of C4 are located under the chassis for instant evidence destruction. This vehicle is perfect for dive by shootings, making “visits” to people you don’t like, and camping trips in the forest.
Hey, Furio, get the Navigator and a couple of pieces. It's time to pay Guido a "visit." He forget to pay on time
by Bigwolf June 1, 2004
An alcoholic beverage that contains Jack Daniels and cranberry juice served over ice in a tall glass.
Customer: "Let me get a navigator"
Bartender: "Most popular drink I make"
Customer: "Sho' nuff!"
by WordPlayAllDay May 16, 2016
A luxury SUV that is far more luxerious than its competitor, the Cadillac Escalade.
by LHHSPIMP June 1, 2003
1. A band
2. A song performed by the band "Keeping Ellis"
1. The band was keeping ellis, but then they broke up so some remaining members of the band formed one of their songs as their band name, hence "To navigate".
by Arley June 14, 2004
You find yourself wanting to fornicate doggy-style, however, there are no chairs and/or stationary objects nearby for your partner to put his/her arms on--so essentially he/she is standing up, bent over, looking at their feet whilst receiving a meat-bat. While doing this, you steer your partner (unknowingly) little-by-little until their head hits a wall (if you're a real sport, you'll give it a little UMPH as their head hits the wall) then yell something to the effect of "AHOY MATEY, YEE HAS HIT LAND!!"
My fucking head hurts me...last night my boyfriend thought he was a funny guy and pulled THE NAVIGATOR on me!!
by joeydnewyork September 13, 2011