9 definitions by joeydnewyork

A makeshift masturbatory device most commonly used by The Incarcerated. Some improvised combinations may include: a piece of saran-wrap & wad of chicken fat; a zip-loc bag corner & hunk of salsbury steak; a condom receptacle & someone's load. Used in female prisons to "flick the bean" or mens' for anal stimulation while "beating the kid"
If the food is good in the joynt, you can make yourself one good Fee Fee Bag and have dessert later on.....alone.....in your cell....late at night.....you know......MASTURBATING!
by joeydnewyork September 13, 2011
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Bulbous Labiae; large vagina lips resembling the lapels on a man's sportcoat
I took this girl home last night, took her trousers off and BAM! I could have made a sandwich out of her Flesh Lapels! There were snail tracks on my floor when she walked out; her pussy dragged on the floor those things were so big!
by joeydnewyork November 26, 2014
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A tall, beautiful, stunning woman that has a foul-smelling vagina. (This definition is derived from characteristics of actual Redwood trees--they collect rainwater and are essentially foul and rotten on the inside)
Q: "Did you take home that tall, smoking hot model last night?" A: "Yes, I did but she was a Redwood....her pussy was very stinky... smelled like hot garbage
by joeydnewyork January 15, 2013
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A surly fellow who, after catching a life-threatening virus, proceeds to meet with as many people as possible--most of whom he is not fond of--with full intention of giving them said virus.
Did you hear about Joey? He caught COVID-19, had lunch with 20 people, licked their spoons and glasses when they went to toilet, and they all caught the virus. What a PANDEMDICK!
by joeydnewyork October 11, 2020
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A type of facial expression, specifically eyebrow movement when you catch your ho lying, cheating, if you will...

... Suspecting that someone has gone "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
My girl came back, said she went to the store, I got all Doctor Spock on her ass
by joeydnewyork February 21, 2020
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A nefarious mound of pubic hair, specifically one with grey area, is stupid, and champions boxing heavyweights.
I took this old chick home from the bar, pulled her panties down, and I saw DON KING! I went down on her and he was coaching me "give it a 1 and a 2"
by joeydnewyork February 21, 2020
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The post-anal-sex act of placing a straw in your partners anus and sucking out the mixture usually consisting of (but not limited to) semen, fecal matter, blood, sweat, etc. Generally used in the homosexual sub-culture but has recently popped up on the radar in the straight community.
After I got through pumping (and blowing my load in) gary's stink star, I put a straw in and enjoyed me some good ol' BUTT SHAKE!!
by joeydnewyork September 12, 2011
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