Ellis is a person with a funny personality and would be a great friend. Anybody would be lucky to have an Ellis. Also, he's sportive and will cheer you up when your feeling down!
I need an Ellis in my life!
by Someone in this great world November 9, 2018
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Ellis is a type of person that everyone likes . Hes A cool type of person & makes everyone laughs. Ellis is a bold type of person.
I am Ellis. Ellis is me . “That is boy is such an Ellis.
by Unknown Daddy December 1, 2017
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A super nice guy who is always willing to listen. He’s super cute and incredibly intelligent. He’ll never want you to feel like you’re bothering him and he always offers the best advice. 10/10 boyfriend material ;)
If his name is Ellis, he’s a keeper for sure!
by slr0321 October 7, 2019
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A very peng boy. Usually chilled and calm. Always helps his mates out and does favours without being asked
Yo can I have some help

I'm busy at the moment but ellis can help you he's supper chiled
by Thedefinitionlightskin October 22, 2018
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a literal werewolf. he's a small boi, until nightime, THEN HE BECOMES TALL AS FUCK AND EATS EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. THEN HE BARKS AT EVERYTHING, but it only happens once a month, its like a period but he becomes a wolf.
hey ellis
wanna have a sleepover
not this week, i think im on my wolf cycle, i might eat all your family in front of you while standing majesticly in the moonlight
so next week then?
by thicc chungus March 26, 2019
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Ellis is a kind, beautiful, hilarious, amazing girl. Not a lot of people understand her, as she’s so different (which is what makes her amazing) but she doesn’t care. She’ll keep doing what she wants to do. She’s amazing at kissing and hugs and secretly, everyone has a crush on her deep down.
Person 1 : Who’s that amazing girl over there?
Person 2 : Oh, that’s just Ellis. I’m surprised you haven’t heard about her yet. Everyone is talking about how brilliant she is.
by Lummylummyy March 23, 2018
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Ellis is a name for a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.She will always stick up for her friends even if it gets her in trouble.She is a talented Artist and will try to show her art to the world.She is kinda of shy but will still stick up for her friends.
Michael:Woah Ellis your good at art
Michael:Want to be friends

by Ellis0727 February 3, 2018
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